Chairman Zhong Ruiming delivered an important speech at the Supply Chain Managem

time:2021-11-24 classify:NEWS

On the afternoon of December 24, the Supply Chain Management Forum hosted by Guangdong Circuit Board Industry Association (GPCA), Shenzhen Circuit Board Industry Association (SPCA), and Guangdong Printed Electronic Circuit Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (GDPCIA) was successfully held in Shenzhen .

At the meeting, Chairman Zhong Ruiming said that in response to industry needs, Xin Jinhui has successfully developed a fully automatic solder mask and miscellaneous board production line, a fully automatic solder mask production line, and an 18MM energy-saving tunnel oven. The automatic solder mask and miscellaneous board production line is aimed at ultra-thin boards below 0.5mm; the automatic solder mask production line is mainly used for large-size (49 inch * 28 inch) PCB production; the 18MM energy-saving tunnel oven is mainly used for PCB text Baking board production. In addition, Xin Jinhui has developed a solder mask ultra-thin board production line and an IC substrate production line, which are suitable for ultra-thin boards above 0.1mm. Single-sided printing does not require nails, and the production capacity can reach 5-7 boards per minute, which can produce white boards. Oil board, with automatic static drying production line.